You might not believe it but, with the right treatment, unsightly calluses on your feet can be removed just like orange peel. Book in with one of our skilled technicians and they can quickly and painlessly peel away the hard skin and calluses, revealing the baby-soft feet which you know lie underneath.

And our Callus Peel Foot Care System couldn’t be simpler. Taking just 30 minutes and involving just four steps, this treatment will have your feet feeling renewed in no time.

The system

We start by applying a skin-softening patch which is carefully wrapped around the areas which need treatment. This softens the skin ready for the next stage, which involves using a special scraping tool to remove dry skin and calluses. After this, any remaining calluses are buffed off with a professional foot file. The treatment is completed with the application of a luxurious moisturising cream.

And voila – your feet feel brand new! So why not book in for a pedicure to follow your callus peel treatment? You’ll be wanting to show your feet off, so let us get them looking their best.

Get on the road to baby-soft feet, book your callus peel appointment now.

Prices Senior tech Junior tech
Callus peel £20 £20
With mini pedi and polish £30 £30
With Shellac/Gelish £36 £36
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Callus Peel
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